Vinyl Films and Sheets Europe Project Develops Closed Loop Application for Recycled PVC in the Automotive Industry


Brussels, 01/06/2021 - Vinyl Films and Sheets Europe (VFSE) is pleased to announce the successful finalisation of its EATS recycling project together with the project partner CIFRA and additional stakeholders from the automotive industry. The project was co-funded by VinylPlus® and successfully developed a product for the automotive industry, made of recycled PVC from the automotive industry.

The EATS recycling project was set up in 2019 by the EATS subgroup of Vinyl Films and Sheets Europe that comprises three companies active in the automotive trim market: the Cotting Group, TMG Automotive, and Vulcaflex.

“The entire plastics industry is fully committed to the transition towards a more circular and sustainable economy. We as an association wanted to contribute to this transition by demonstrating the potential for the use of recycled PVC as a raw material for the creation of new products for the automotive industry.” Said Roberto Bozzi, President of VFSE and CEO of Vulcaflex.

The project was set up corresponding to a strong demand from consumers and legislators for more sustainable solutions, especially in the automotive and plastic industries. Numerous car manufacturers have publicly pledged to increase their use of recycled polymers which can only be successful if new applications for recycled polymers are developed. Following a market study investigating possible applications, heel mats were chosen as the most promising product, and the technical development through the project partner CIFRA was started.

“We are proud to have participated in this project and to have been able to create a heel mat made from recycled PVC from the automotive industry. The technical development was challenging but together with our value chain partners we created a product that meets the highest technical and esthetical expectations while increasing its sustainability and circularity.” Said Michel Py, Vice-President of VFSE and CEO of CIFRA.

The successful development of a new application using recycled PVC from the automotive industry in a closed loop is an important step to showcase the potential for sustainable circular solutions with PVC in the automotive sector. All projects partners are open to further collaborations and all interested parties are kindly invited to get in contact via


About VFSE

Vinyl Films & Sheets Europe (VFSE) is the European association representing the European suppliers of plastics sheets and foils. VFSE’s mission is to provide a network for European manufacturers, to stimulate the industry’s scientific advancement and to promote its sustainable development.


CIFRA (Create, Innovate, Fabricate, Recyclate , Ad ​ infinitum) is a family owned company with the development of ​ recycled products ​ in ​ their ​ DNA. Located in Château-Thierry, France, CIFRA has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany. Established in 1989, CIFRA today has 80 employees and specialises in four different markets: Stationary, Packaging, Automotive, and Recycling.

About VinylPlus®

VinylPlus® is the 10-year Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development by the European PVC industry. The regional scope of the programme is the EU-28 plus Norway and Switzerland. Through the VinylPlus initiative, the European PVC industry is creating a long-term sustainability framework for the entire PVC value chain.





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About VFSE

Vinyl Films & Sheets Europe (VFSE) was formed in 2016 by the merger of three organizations: EATS (European Automotive Trim Suppliers), EDEFA (European Decorative Foils Association) and EPFMA (European PVC Films Manufacturers Association). The mission of VFSE is to represent and defend the interests of the European suppliers of plastics sheets and foils by carrying out scientific and economic studies and initiating common action concerning environment and recycling issues. 


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