VFSE | Continuous problems of raw materials shortage and short-term effects in the plastics converting sector

Vinyl Films and Sheets Europe (VFSE) association expresses its deep concern at the continuation of force majeure declarations from European raw material suppliers.

This situation has led to a serious shortage of raw materials that puts the production of VFSE members at risk. The difficult situation in Europe is now also joined by similar problems in the US and other countries that make import operations of raw materials very difficult.

When the plastics processing sector has not yet recovered from the effects of the pandemic, starting from January 2021 it also faces a global challenge of raw material shortages and price increase.

The members of VFSE are committed to the recovery in Europe through the supply of quality plastic products in the packaging, automotive, and decoration sectors that ensure the competitiveness of our industry. VFSE will continue to dedicate all its efforts to fulfill this objective.

VFSE asks all the value chain stakeholders for greater responsibility and vigilance over the declarations of force majeure from raw material suppliers because if the situation of shortage of raw materials continues, problems in the supply of plastic products could very soon occur.

VFSE considers that the evolution of the situation should be monitored by competent bodies to mitigate the short-term impact on the market of European plastic-converting products.


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About VFSE

Vinyl Films & Sheets Europe (VFSE) was formed in 2016 by the merger of three organizations: EATS (European Automotive Trim Suppliers), EDEFA (European Decorative Foils Association) and EPFMA (European PVC Films Manufacturers Association). The mission of VFSE is to represent and defend the interests of the European suppliers of plastics sheets and foils by carrying out scientific and economic studies and initiating common action concerning environment and recycling issues. 


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